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This book is about Northeastern Brazil and some of the rhythms found there, speecifically Afoxe, Maracatu, Coco and Cabooclinho. These rhythms are mainly from the states of Bahia and Pernambuco, where I had the opportunity to spend some time studying percussion and learning about the local culture in the cities of Salvador, Recife and Olinda. 

Afoxe, Maracatu and Caboclinho are all processional styles. They are each traditionnally performed in a parade that celebrates religious, political or cultural heritage. Coco is less organized (although no less difficult), and concentrates more on the individual dancer, singer or performer. 

Each of these rhythms has different reegional variations, and every group has its own way to play, its own vocabulary, its own accent. The drumset adaptations and songs in the book are my personal interpretations of these rhythms. From a drummer's perspecctive, the exercises presented in the book are very challenging. You must master syncoopations and coordination skills when you play along with the versions of traditional songs.

Um método de caixa que apresenta exercícios de controle de baquetas (stick control) baseados em 38 padrões de diferentes ritmos brasileiros.

Eduardo Guedes juntamente com seu amigo e parceiro Joe Ruscitto, selecionou uma variedade de padrões de caixa encontrados em diversos estilos musicais brasileiros.
O resultado é uma coleção de 40 padrões de caixa divididos em 9 estilos diferentes: Samba, Samba Reggae, Maracatu, Frevo, Marcha, Ciranda, Baião, Coco e Caboclinho. 

O livro inclui um CD demostrando:
-38 padrões de caixa de 9 diferentes estilos musicais brasileiros.
-14 combinações de acentos para serem praticados com cada padrão.
- 9 padrões de bumbo tradicionais para praticar juntamente com cada estilo.
-13 exercícios combinando padrões de caixa e bumbo para exemplificar a 
interpretação do "Swing Brasileiro".


"Eduardo shines some light on several interesting traditional rhythms"

- Percussive Notes 

"Guedes delves deeper into the drum set options...Nicely broken down for clarity" 

- Modern Drummer USA




"Excelente material"

- Modern Drummer Brasil

"Intermediate to advance students will be rewarded with increased  stick control and a heightened understanding of Brazilian rhythms"

- Modern Drummer USA

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